Saturday, November 30, 2013

iRig BlueBoard Review

The iRig BlueBoard is a Wireless Bluetooth MIDI Pedal Board that works well with OnSong to allow musicians to perform multiple hands-free operations.  OnSong team member Brandon is a band leader, worship leader, and gigging musician who regularly performs live.  Here's a video of his iRig BlueBoard Review, and you can read below for his highlights.

  • 4 backlit assignable foot switches
  • (2) 1/4" inputs for assignable expression pedals or switches
  • Bank, MIDI Program, and MIDI Control Changes
  • BlueBoard iOS App runs in the background, translating Bluetooth messages into MIDI instructions
  • Runs on AAA batteries (Standard or AAA NiMH Rechargeble batteries)
  1. Size: Small enough to fit into standard laptop bags.  Helpful for gigging musicians who travel.
  2. Store up to 32 Presets
  3. MIDI on-screen keyboard allows continued control even during disconnect
  4. Price: Under $100 (Airturn 4-Pedal is $159)
  5. Ability to add two extra foot pedals or switches
  1. Construction:  Low quality plastic, may not last as long as competitors in live gig settings.
  2. Foot Switch Sliding:  Prone to moving around on stage.
  3. Unstable Connection:  Bluetooth disconnected a few times during a long set.
  4. Confusing App:  User interface on provided app was not intuitive and took a while to figure out.
  5. Foot Switch Response:  Sometimes the buttons where hard to press or slow to respond.
Brandon found this pedal to be a useful, low cost tool for gigging musicians who want to keep their hands free while using OnSong.  The price and expansion ability make this a great choice for those on a budget.  However, with a few more bucks in your wallet, you may want to hold out for the more expensive competitors that are better built and more durable.

Overall Rating: B

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The portability and functionality of the iRig BlueBoard, a small and adaptable Bluetooth MIDI controller, are impressive. Its four backlit soft-touch pads allow for hands-free control of apps and software while blending in seamlessly with music production setups. For musicians who are constantly on the go, its wireless connectivity is quite handy as it eliminates the need for bulky cables. Dependability during performances is ensured by the sturdy construction. For musicians looking for a dependable and effective wireless MIDI control solution, the BlueBoard is a great option because of its user-friendly interface and compatibility with multiple platforms. As a whole, the iRig BlueBoard succeeds in providing a smooth and quick user experience in a small package.
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The iRig BlueBoard offers a budget-friendly option for musicians seeking wireless Bluetooth MIDI control. With notable pros like portability and preset storage, it caters to gigging musicians but faces challenges with construction quality and connection stability. An insightful review providing valuable insights for potential users.
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