Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One iPad, 5 Musicians, No Problem! #COTF2011

OnSong is being used on many stages in various ways. We wanted to highlight one of our OnSong users and allow them to tell you how they were able to drive four VGA monitors off of one iPad. This allowed them to provide chord sheets to almost all of their worship team. Of course those poor drummers, are always left out in the cold...

My name is Rob Shillito. Our band consisted of keyboard player, electric guitar, bass, drums, two backing vocals and me leading worship on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. The original plan was five monitors so everyone could have their own VGA screen with myself sharing the iPad with one backing singer.

We hired in a VGA distribution amp and when it arrived it only had four outputs so we got rid of the drummers VGA which was a shame but it was the least vital. I sourced some VESA mounts for the VGA screens which terminated into a mic stand screw thread, like on a standard mic clip. All the screens were mounted on mic stands which were then duck taped to the stage for extra sturdiness. The VESA mount is square so we were able to mount the screens rotated 90 degrees and then use the rotate function in OnSong. We used the built in output function rather than the hd mirroring so that when a search or transpose was being done it didn't obscure the chords on the VGA screens.

The backing vocalist found it really easy to navigate and search for songs, since we did quite a few unplanned songs, they were able to transpose into the current key to keep the flow going.

Church On The Farm is an event hosted by The City Church Canterbury for the Newfrontiers churches in the region, and was in it's third year this year. I head up the worship team for the church and led three of the sessions and Geoff one of my core team lead the other two.

The event was a great success! There were testimonies of healing, fresh vision for church planting, and reaching the lost being stirred in people. There is a strong emphasis on both solid bible teaching and experiencing God in worship as The Holy Spirit stirs us to praise Jesus.


It is amazing to see how God has moved in other peoples lives and how OnSong is being used as a tool too worship our Father. I want to thank Rob for providing us with this blog and pictures.