Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apple Released iOS 8.0.1 - Pulled

Fixes Issues - Breaks Cell Service and Touch ID

Apple today released iOS 8.0.1 and quickly pulled the release as their was widespread issues with loss of cellular connectivity as well as Touch ID. This update fixed one critical issues in iOS 8.0.0 that effected OnSong users. Here are our findings:

  • Apple HAS fixed the issue with 30-pin to HDMI adapters that would cause them to become non-functional on iOS 8.0.0.
  • Apple HAS NOT fixed the issue where RTF files cannot be displayed in the built-in web viewer.
  • Apple HAS NOT fixed the issue where Word DOCX files are rendered incorrectly.

iOS Update Release Notes

Apple has the following listed as bugs fixed in this release:

  • Fixes a bug so HealthKit apps can now be made available on the App Store
  • Addresses an issue where 3rd party keyboards could become deselected when a user enters their passcode
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some apps from accessing photos from the Photo Library
  • Improves the reliability of the Reachability feature on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Fixes an issue that could cause unexpected cellular data usage when receiving SMS/MMS messages
  • Better support of Ask To Buy for Family Sharing for In-App Purchases
  • Fixes an issue where ringtones were sometimes not restored from iCloud backups
  • Fixes a bug that prevented uploading photos and videos from Safari

How Do I Undo?

If you've installed iOS 8.0.1 and lost cellular connectivity, or if you have lost TouchID functionality, your only recourse is to back out of iOS 8.0.1 to iOS 8.0.0. This can be done by restoring your device using iTunes. There are no reported workarounds to restore these two services such as rebooting the device or resetting network settings. The only known solution is to restore to iOS 8.0.0.

Here's an article that details how to restore iOS 8.0.0 if you are effected by the iOS 8.0.1 version.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Updating to iOS 8

iOS 8 is now available and we have had a number of users ask, "Is it safe to upgrade?".

While we are still urging caution with iOS 8, most users have reported it is working well. We are not currently in panic mode. We do suggest installing iOS 8 on a non-critical device first and make sure it works with your particular setup. There are some scenarios for users that may cause issues. Here are some issues that we are aware of:

  • Action menus appear as a white background with white text. This has been corrected in OnSong 1.992 which was released on September 28, 2014.
  • Viewing RTF files in the new iOS 8 viewer in nonfunctional and is a known issue with iOS 8. Update: This has been corrected in iOS 8.1 beta so we are confident that this will be corrected for most users as soon as iOS 8.1 is released.
  • There are issues with the text in the song editor being scrolled out of range when initially opening longer songs. We have replicated this and are troubleshooting. It appears to be widespread in other apps as well but does not seriously inhibit editing aside from an extra swipe gesture. This also appears to be corrected in iOS 8.1.
  • We are tracking issues with iOS 8 and external video adapters (but not AirPlay). We receive a hard, iOS-level crash when autoscrolling. We have notified Apple of this bug. Update: Still crashing in iOS 8.0.2 and iOS 8.1 beta. To prevent this crash, lower the resolution of the video output under OnSong Settings » Live Settings » External Video » Screen Resolution.
  • While the 30-pin to HDMI adapter was not working in iOS 8.0.0, this functionality has returned in iOS 8.0.2.
  • One user has reported a hard crash/kernel panic of iOS 8 when using AirPlay to an AppleTV.
  • Two users are reporting issues with Microsoft Word files rendering incorrectly. This is controlled by iOS 8 and nothing that OnSong can fix. We have submitted a bug report to Apple. Update: Still experiencing rendering issues in iOS 8.0.2.
  • One user reported performance issues that are also occurring in other apps such as periodic freezes. We are working to isolate this issue.
  • One user is reporting issues with the metronome stopping backing track audio. We have replicated this issue but it appears to be caused by setting "None" as the audio for the metronome and not specific to iOS 8.
  • Users are experiencing issues with Internet connectivity when using apps under iOS 8. We are working to replicate this issue.

Always remember to have a backup of your OnSong library in case something goes awry. Here's a backup and restore video tutorial to help keep your songs and sets safe during the transition.

Hope that helps with your decision making!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

OnSong 1.991 is on the way

I want to thank everyone for their patience on this one. We've had a number of technical issues this week and we have been able to get OnSong 1.991 out to you. Please update to let us know if that corrects any issues you were experiencing. It may take a an hour or two to become available on your App Store. Here's a link to the OnSong 1.991 release notes.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Critical Issue When Using Spaces in Chords

At OnSong, our top-most priority is our users. We are working around the clock to address some issues that some of our users are reporting.

First, we are hearing reports and experiencing issues ourselves with the App Store. This appears to be due to changes Apple is making in preparation for iOS 8. While we've heard users having issues with the update process in the past, we are seeing an influx of installation and provisioning problems. We are trying to get in touch with Apple about these issues but have not heard back after repeated attempts.

Second, there is a crash condition happening in OnSong 1.99 caused by improperly formatted chords that include spaces in square brackets. We were able to turn around an update with an Apple-approved fix in less than 24 hours, but due to these App Store issues, the update has yet to be made available. We released the update on 9/11/2014 and it was being "Processed for the App Store" for more than 24 hours. After repeated unaddressed contacts with Apple to correct this issue, the status has been changed to "Waiting for Review", essentially starting the approval process over. We are continuing to fight for this update to be released ASAP.

View OnSong 1.991 Release Notes

If you are experiencing a crash, go into the Settings app on your device and choose OnSong under Applications. Turn on "Forget Last Song" under the Debug menu and restart OnSong. You can edit your chord charts by going into the Songs menu, tapping "Edit" and then tapping on the name of the song to "Edit Song". This will open the song editor without viewing the song. The crash is occurring if a chord in square brackets contains a space like this:

[Am on G]

Correct these errors and save. This should get you back up and running.

If the Forget Last Song option does not open OnSong, it's likely that you've received a bad installation from the App Store update process and may need to reinstall. Be sure you have a backup of your OnSong library. If not, please contact support for assistance.

We are working around the clock to resolve these issues, answer your support inquiries and do what we can to keep everyone up and running despite these challenges.