Thursday, June 27, 2013

OnSong for Android is One Step Closer

Update from January 2014 - While our Android Developer didn't work out, we are still plugging away at Android in-house.  Check out the latest Android Version Update here.  You can still use the form below to join the newsletter mailing list.

Original Post from 6/27/13:

You've asked for it, our facebook fans are begging for it, and our Indiegogo backers even helped pay for it!  OnSong for Android is now one step closer to reality with the addition of our Android developer Eddie.  He's  been working on it part-time for a while now and soon he'll be working on the Android version of OnSong full-time. That means we're tentatively aiming toward a launch of OnSong for Android sometime this fall!  The best part is, we've heard your cries and we're going to make it worth your while.  If you are interested in the Android version of OnSong please fill in the form below and you'll be updated on the project status with our OnSong Android Newsletter, specific to our loyal Android followers.  You'll not only receive status updates, but also chances to win prizes, be the first to demo the Android version, and get exclusive behind the scenes looks at our development process including videos, podcasts, photos, and more.  We promise not to spam you, but we'll keep you in the loop and let you know when OnSong for Android is ready.  Sign up below!