Saturday, November 30, 2013

iRig BlueBoard Review

The iRig BlueBoard is a Wireless Bluetooth MIDI Pedal Board that works well with OnSong to allow musicians to perform multiple hands-free operations.  OnSong team member Brandon is a band leader, worship leader, and gigging musician who regularly performs live.  Here's a video of his iRig BlueBoard Review, and you can read below for his highlights.

  • 4 backlit assignable foot switches
  • (2) 1/4" inputs for assignable expression pedals or switches
  • Bank, MIDI Program, and MIDI Control Changes
  • BlueBoard iOS App runs in the background, translating Bluetooth messages into MIDI instructions
  • Runs on AAA batteries (Standard or AAA NiMH Rechargeble batteries)
  1. Size: Small enough to fit into standard laptop bags.  Helpful for gigging musicians who travel.
  2. Store up to 32 Presets
  3. MIDI on-screen keyboard allows continued control even during disconnect
  4. Price: Under $100 (Airturn 4-Pedal is $159)
  5. Ability to add two extra foot pedals or switches
  1. Construction:  Low quality plastic, may not last as long as competitors in live gig settings.
  2. Foot Switch Sliding:  Prone to moving around on stage.
  3. Unstable Connection:  Bluetooth disconnected a few times during a long set.
  4. Confusing App:  User interface on provided app was not intuitive and took a while to figure out.
  5. Foot Switch Response:  Sometimes the buttons where hard to press or slow to respond.
Brandon found this pedal to be a useful, low cost tool for gigging musicians who want to keep their hands free while using OnSong.  The price and expansion ability make this a great choice for those on a budget.  However, with a few more bucks in your wallet, you may want to hold out for the more expensive competitors that are better built and more durable.

Overall Rating: B

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