Tuesday, August 19, 2014

OnSong Console Tutorial

OnSong Console is a big edition to OnSong and is really, an app in itself. We've basically built the OnSong rendering engine in a web browser! Since it's so new, we've put together this ten minute tutorial video to give you a leg up on how OnSong Console works and what you can do with it. Remember, this is the first version of this great product and we hope to add more features in the near future.

The console is an in-app purchase of $9.99 USD.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

OnSong Console

OnSong Console is a powerful new addition to OnSong that let's you create, import, edit and style your music to look just the way you want. it runs inside of a web browser, giving you access to your device's OnSong library, but with the full content creation capabilities of your Mac or PC. Real-time preview as you type shows you just how it will look.

OnSong Console will be available in OnSong 1.989 as an in-app purchase of $9.99.


  • Browse and search your OnSong library from a computer.
  • Create new OnSong or ChordPro formatted files.
  • Import multiple files from your computer all at once.
  • Convert files into text for further editing.
  • Real-time preview of the chord chart as you type.
  • Powerful palettes that help you create and style your chord chart.
    • Metadata: Type in the details of the song like title or key.
    • Insert: Place chord, sections and line formatting into your text.
    • Text Tools: Search and replace, toggle between chord styles and fix alignment spaces.
    • Style: Change the font, linespacing and chord highlighting or colors.
    • Chords: Transpose, capo and chord diagrams. Choose your chord style too.

Other features include:

  • Low Light Mode: Shows you how the chord chart will appear on a dark page.
  • Pages: Splits the chord chart to simulate printing on paper.
  • Follow: Have the Console switch songs and scroll along with the device.
  • Download: Download the chord chart in supported formats like PDF or ChordPro.
  • Print: Print out your chord charts from your computer.