Saturday, November 30, 2013

OnSong Overview - Updated

We recently added Brandon to the OnSong Team to help musicians make the most of our App and he created a new overview tutorial to get you started with using OnSong.  Brandon is a bandleader, worship leader, and touring musician who recently started using OnSong just like you!  This gives him a fresh look at how to begin using OnSong effectively and will teach you which features will quickly get you up and running.

Onsong is an app that turns your iOS device into an interactive mobile music library that lets you take your chord charts anywhere you practice or perform.  Use it to import or edit your songs then organize them into set lists (books).  Pull chord charts from your library and share them with your band without the hassle of paper or bulky binders.  You can interact with your music by transposing keys, applying capos, or adjusting how the song is displayed, all with the swipe of your finger.  OnSong replaces the paper binder with a simple, compact, mobile solution.

The full video is 11 minutes long and if you're new to OnSong it is highly recommended that you watch the whole thing and follow along to get the most out of the OnSong App.  Watch the full video here, or scroll down to get jump links for specific topics.

How to Add Songs in OnSong

How to Make a Set List in OnSong

How to Search for Songs in your OnSong Library

How to Change the Look of your Chord Chart in OnSong

How to Make Notes in OnSong

How to AutoScroll your Music in OnSong

How to Setup Foot Pedals in OnSong

We hope this helps you learn how to use OnSong for the first time, or gets you started on some features that you haven't used yet in the OnSong App.  Enjoy!

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jamesanderson said...

Exciting addition with Brandon to the OnSong team! The overview tutorial is fantastic for beginners. Turning iOS devices into a music library—impressive and efficient. Great job, OnSong team
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