Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Version 1.3 Submitted to the App Store

I'm pleased to announce that version 1.3 has been submitted to the App Store for approval. This is a huge release and I want to thank our hardworking beta testers and translators for making this all possible.

Here's an overview of what's new in version 1.3!
  • Support for English, Dutch, French and Swedish.
  • USB pedal support using the iPad Camera Connection Kit lets you navigate your set hands-free!
  • Built-in help documentation with automatic updates.
  • More formatting features for chord size, color and style.
  • Set a capo on the song so guitarists and other instruments can play off the same sheet.
  • Auto scroll pages and turn the metronome on and off with a single tap, or with the foot pedal.
  • More iPod-like song selection with the ability to view songs without adding them to a set.
  • Microsoft Word and iWork Pages files now display correctly.
  • Improved song viewer performance that allows you to have bigger sets and more songs.
  • Set your own music in your iPod library to your chord sheets.
  • Preview songs before you import them from repositories.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs including the set reordering issue.
  • Much improved import support, including better support for ChordPro files.
  • More export options including the ability to export your entire OnSong database for backup.


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