Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Next Version in Active Development

We are happy to announce that OnSong v1.3 is now under activei development!  We have a really long list of features and issues that we are working on, but progress is being made.  We are focusing on the most requested features first. These are primarily navigation and scrolling during a performance.

Navigation is proceeding well and we are adopting a more iPod-like navigation method.  This means that you can view all songs, songs by keyword, artist and key.  You can use keywords as you want for topics or genres.  It's really flexible and it's up to you.

We have had a couple of complaints regarding performance, especially with long set lists.  We think this is fixed and will be testing soon.  We also have heard of reordering issues which have also been addressed.

One feature request that has been made is to use a foot pedal for navigating between songs and scrolling.  We are currently developing a solution that will use a USB foot pedal and the iPad Camera Connection kit to accomplish this.  The app will then support configuring your foot pedal to scroll and flip pages!  These pedals are widely available and are built really well.  I ordered this one for testing: http://www.pedalpax.com/versa-pedal_stealth.htm

We are also looking for volunteers to help translate OnSong into other languages.  If you want OnSong in a different language, please let us know!  We are interested in reaching out to the world with our product.

Thanks to you all who have made OnSong possible.  We are really excited for the next version!

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