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Featured OnSong Musician - Joanna Fruhauf Singer/Songwriter of Gracious Vine

Joanna Fruhauf and Gracious Vine
Gracious Vine is a six (6) member worship band whose passionate vocals, earthy tones and lyrical theology have captivated the hearts of audiences, and pointed them toward a dynamic and majestic Savior.  They have traveled extensively to coffee houses, churches, festivals and conferences bringing their message of strength and hope to all who hear.
"Music ministers deep because it engages our spirits. It voices our heart cries, it whispers our desires, it shouts our devotion all while encouraging and equipping us for the walk ahead." ~ Joanna Fruhauf, Singer/Songwriter of Gracious Vine.

[OnSong] What is your OnSong story? 

[Joanna]  OnSong, has been the MOST incredible INSTRUMENT we have purchased as a band.  Prior to OnSong we had books and books of looseleaf lead sheets and chord charts, transposing charts, EVEN Wheels that helped us figure out things…Song Sheets often had several different chord progressions depending on who might lead the song, who was able to play/sing in a key or if a guitarist needed a capo, what that did to the chords etc.  It was a mess.  Sheets had several chords scratched over the words of a song, some circled, some highlighted in Pink or Yellow or blue, some pen, some marker just to differentiate…and Often the question from the band members was, 'OK, so are we in blue or pink, marker or pen for this song?'  It was a mess!
The frustration levels rose when ever we played a poorly lit location or an outside venue like a church or town festival.  Here comes the wind…there go the pages…AWKWARD!!!  It was horrible sometimes!  BUT THEN We found OnSong!  It was the most transformative change we have made.  It has enabled and equipped us to be ever ready, at the drop of a hat, even showing up at a location without the intention of playing and being able to step into a situation, confident!
Being a minister and stepping into different settings with the ability to trust the instrument is Key!  It has helped us to step up to the next level.
When people see us walk into a location cold, they are always curious where our music is, when we show them, or they see it as we do sound checks they are always asking about it, and we are ALWAYS willing to share, in fact at one event  I was sharing about the awesomeness of Onsong with the technicians that we were ALL so caught up we started our 2nd set several minutes late…When people see it in action, they are blown away!  We certainly were. With all of the different features, the potential, the scope of what it does, holds, changes, and personalizes, We were THRILLED to throw away our books!  We were so thrilled with the App of OnSong that we saved up enough money for everyone in the band to have an iPad or iPhone to use it on…'Its the reason I got the iPad, and though I know the iPad is personally underutilized, the ONSONG app made that purchase worth every penny!'
Gracious Vine uses OnSong like a Boss

[What kind of music are you playing right now?]  We play Christian Worship & Praise.
[Listening to?] David Crowder/Chris Tomlin

[Do you write your own music?] Yes Constantly!
[What inspires your writing?] The hearts of individuals I speak with, as a street missionary on the streets of impoverished neighborhoods I hear the longings, see the tears, and pray with hopeless people constantly.  Their heart influences and Christ's hope inspires me!

[What does your typical day look like?] A ypical day for me (Joanna the Lead of Gracious Vine) is spending hours at a Street Mission, Feeding the Hungry while distributing HOPE, then there's some time I come home tend to kids and family, try to grab some time at the keys, worshiping, playing, singing, maybe writing a new piece…and organizing our teams events.

[How do you bring music to life?] I think the only way to truly bring the music to life, is to live it…cliche? maybe, but reality!  I can best sing and lead others in a compelling musical heart moment, IF I have experienced what I sing of. If I know the pain it speaks about, the Hope it offers.  It there's no disconnect between my heart and head, then there won't be any between me and the audience!

[What’s one trend in music that really excites you?] I am continually excited by the new applications that technology has to offer.  Too often technology is 'I' centric - and unfortunately makes us more and more isolated, we use it to help people connect better to each other, with musical venues.  We love the technology that helps us get the word out about where we'll be, what we're doing, and then apps like OnSong that help us do it all with precision!

[What instruments do you play?] Keyboard, and I'm having fun learning the djembe. (gotta love drums!)

[As an musician, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?]  Spend time with the song I'm writing, practicing, understanding, and learning from it, hearing it's voice to be able to share it appropriately.

[What is one failure you had as a musician, and how did you overcome it?] I would say not trusting myself enough, not believing that there was something valuable to share from my experience.  That others being more proficient, having greater talent, better exposure, relegated me to the back of the room.  I would say my own insecurities and inferiority issues have caused me to wait so long before stepping out.  Within the last few years, I've come to realize that we each have a fabulous story to tell, and if we would be willing to step out of the boat on to a surface we hear a call to, then we could find ourselves supported by it, miraculously!  That willingness to DARE, inspire of the surrounding or internal shouts have helped me to put to death some of the fears that for so long held me captive and ineffective.

[What is some advice you’re willing to give to budding musician?] Be willing to try things New!  Forgetting what may not have worked before, and looking at things from a new angle and approaching it from there. Listening to what others you can trust, not just those that love you..but that will be honest with you…to move you forward!

[If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and how would you go about it?] Wow, only one thing….there's a pie in the sky dream of peace through mutual respect.  But with the human condition being so 'self' oriented I don't see any utopia happening unless it's forced…and that would be the antithesis of what I'd hope for.  So I think the best thing to change would be myself!  I need to change, the way my eyes perceive others, the way my ears hear others, and the way my actions and attitudes respond to those around me.  Then maybe others would do the same…hey now there's a revolution!

[Tell us something about you that very few people know?]  I'm LOVIN' that I'm 50!  Yes I said it, I'm 50, and feel more free and liberated today than ever!

[What are your three favorite online tools or resources and what do you love about them?]  I would have to say, Rockin' with the Cross,, and Musician's Friend.   All of them help me to be equipped for what I do on one level or another.

[What is the one book/blog/youtube channel that you recommend our community should follow and why?] My source of inspiration is continually the best seller.  With all of its scenarios, drama, dysfunctional people, interventions of Hope and more the Bible still ranks best as a source of light, revelation, inspiration, and reckoning of my daily battles.

[When was the last time you laughed out loud? What caused it?] I like to laugh a lot…and one of my FAVORITE comedians is BRIAN REGAN -  nearly everything he says on stage will cause you to bust out hysterical!  But just around the house, the way my cat and dog chase each other around, in their love hate relationship!

[Who is your musical hero/influence?] There are so many - I would say, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Rita Springer, Jesus Culture, Jeremy Riddle, Matt Maher, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin.

[How did you get started in Music?] I had been on a worship team as the …far…'background' singer…and when at a new church about 15 years ago, it was made known and their current group had dissolved, I was asked to take on the position of worship leader.  I quickly turned it down, and was approached two more times months apart.  I refused because I had NO experience in music, no talent, no ability.  If you had told me a song was in the key of Z, I would have believed you.  After being approached repeatedly, I agreed, feeling compelled to Try. All I did was orchestrate from the microphone where the team was going to flow through a song during a worship service.  After a year and a half, my team, a family - announced they were moving in 6 weeks.  Shocked I burst out, 'Who's going to play piano?" and they said 'YOU ARE!' - my response - 'What the heck do you do with all those keys?' - - - well within 6 weeks, I learned and I was leading the congregation vocally from the piano.  It was truly miraculous.  So the journey began...

[Where does your love of music come from?] I have always been in a home where there was music…no not that my parents knew how to play anything, but always listening to music.  My mother had Christian music from the 70 & 80 playing all the time and when my dad got home, doowoop motown and early rock was on throughout the evening.  Singing Melodies and harmonies were always happening in the house.

[Thanks for being our very first featured musician Joanna!  It was great getting to know you, and hearing your story.  To learn more about Gracious Vine visit them on the web, on GraciousVine Facebook Page, on the Gracious Vine YouTube Channel, or follow them on twitter.  Gracious Vine is based out of Port Jefferson, NY.]

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