Monday, November 15, 2010

Not For Sale?

This past Friday, OnSong 1.6 was approved for sale and immediately, people started upgrading.  However, I must admit that I messed up a bit.  Version 1.6 is only compatible for iOS 4.2, and yet it wasn't "tagged" as such.  This means that people with older versions of the operating system (which is everyone because it hasn't come out yet) began to have their versions of OnSong stop working.  With the app store process, there's no easy way to go back once a version is approved.  So I had to resort to the rare instance of suspending sale of OnSong 1.6 until iOS 4.2 comes out.

Since that time I began adding some much needed features to OnSong.  Some of these should appear in the final releasable version of OnSong 1.6.  Two of these main features include the ability to organize your song collection into "books".  For instance, you can have a book for church, and one for your band.  Another feature is the ability to choose what files are imported from iTunes File Sharing.  You will also get the other features and improvements made for iOS 4.2 including wireless printing!

So please hang in there!  If you are interested in knowing when OnSong 1.6 is ready for sale, make sure you sign up for the newsletter and I'll let you know very soon!

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