Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New OnSong Feature - Quick Pick

Being able to change or update your set list on the fly makes for an exciting set.  What better way to respond to the crowd than to throw in a song that you never planned on performing? Now with the new Quick Pick feature, you can find songs and view them in as few as three taps of the screen - making it so you never even miss a beat!  

Simply tap on a song title in the heads-up display area of the menubar and the Quick Pick screen will open.  In the Quick Pick screen, type a word from the title of the song.  As you type, OnSong will find matches in your library that contain that word in the title of the song. If you are unsure if the song is the one you are looking for, tap on the magnifying glass icon on the right to preview it.

Once you have found a song you’d like to play, tap to pick it.  If you are currently viewing a set, the song is automatically added to the set as the next song. If you are viewing a single song from your OnSong library, tapping on the song will display the song immediately. 

Watch the Video Tutorial or Read the Users Manual


Unknown said...

I love this feature, but when I am using AirTurn (a Bluetooth device), the keypad will not appear so I can type a song title to search/add :-(


Unknown said...

Before you go on stage click the power button once on your airturn pedal which will allow you to use your keyboard on your iPad

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