Monday, June 16, 2014

Motion Backgrounds and Lyrics Projection

We believe in doing more with less. That's why we've made OnSong a valuable tool for musicians by giving it all the features and functions you've asked for.  But we also like to do more with less, and we think you'll agree. That's why our app is so affordable.  No where is this value more evident than with our lyrics projection feature.

OnSong has always done lyrics projection and we love hearing the awesome stories of how you've put it to good use. Whether it's being used by chaplains to lead thousands of marines in a song, by underground churches in the Middle East, or by music therapists helping stroke patients sing again... we are honored to be right there with you.  Maybe that's why we've worked extra hard on a brand new version of lyrics projection with motion backgrounds.

First of all, we've made lyrics projection work even smoother. We've tightened up crossfading between lyrics text and switching between backgrounds.  It's smooth and works great whether you are using a video adapter and cable or connecting wirelessly to an HDTV or LCD projector with AirPlay. To see how to use lyrics projection, check our our video tutorial.

We didn't stop there. We've added the ability to use motion backgrounds! Why purchase expensive software to run on another computer in the back of house when you can do it all for less than the price of a decent HDMI cable. Plus, we've given you a full media library to help you quickly switch between colors, still and motion backgrounds and gradients.  Go ahead and add your own backgrounds from your photo library or browse popular background websites like Playback Media to import backgrounds from services you already use.

But what if we could make great looking presentations even easier and more affordable to make? We did that too. Purchase high-quality motion backgrounds right inside of your media library for just $2.99. That's less than a third of other sites and they are instantly available.

Watch our feature review below to see just how easy it is to do professional-grade lyrics projection.


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