Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stage Monitor Mode in OnSong

With OnSong, paper music charts are a thing the past. But did you know that with some basic equipment, you can modernize your stage and play music indefinitely, all while keeping your team on the same page?

In this video, Brandon shows us how to connect your iPad up to multiple HDTV screens that are placed on a stage on tripod mounts. 23" HDTVs are about the same size as a standard music stand. When connected to and iPad running OnSong, the screen come alive, showing chord charts that scroll, change and flip as the leader chooses where to go. While this video demonstrates using HDMI connections, you could also use VGA cables as well.

projecting a chord chart in low light mode

If your facility has a back-of-house projector, you can also project chord charts in a way that makes them easy to see from the stage. Brandon also demonstrates how to configure stage monitor mode to be used on a confidence monitor.

Here is a list of supplies that we used in the making of this stage monitor setup.

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