Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tablature: Not just for guitar anymore

I've gotten a lot of feedback from people lately requesting support for more than just six-string guitar tablature. It seems people play quite an assortment of instruments who use OnSong. Who knew?  I know you are all talented, but wow!

I'm pleased to report that the next version of OnSong will support a wide array of chord diagrams to help you play your music! These include:

 • Banjo
 • Bass (4-string)
 • Bass (5-string)
 • Guitar
 • Mandolin
 • Piano
 • Ukulele
 • Hammered Dulcimer*

* OK, just kidding, but anyone interested?  If so check out iDulcimer on the app store and let me know if you'd like to see this!

I have had a few people request drum notation.  Even though I'm a drummer, I haven't seen this used in common practice and would love for someone to guide me as to how this should look and be accomplished.  So drummers out there... let me know!

Here are some screen shots for your viewing pleasure:

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